Mythology (full name: Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes) is a book written by Edith Hamilton compiling several myths of the ancient world, primarily Greek mythology.


The book consists of seven parts:

  • Part 1: The Gods, the Creation, and the Earliest Heroes
  • Part 2: Stories of Love and Adventure
  • Part 3: The Great Heroes before the Trojan War
  • Part 4: The Heroes of the Trojan War
  • Part 5: The Great Families of Mythology
  • Part 6: The Less Important Myths
  • Part 7: The Mythology of the Norsemen

Each part is further subdivided into several distinct myths.


See: List of Myths

The myths consist mostly of Greek myths, but others have been included, most notably Norse mythology.

Major GodsEdit

The Greek gods reside on Mt. Olympus, and the major 12 Olympians are as follows:

  • Zeus (Jupiter) - The supreme ruler of the heavens. He was Lord of the Sky who wielded the mighty thunderbolt, and whose power was far more impressive than the other gods.
  • Poseidon (Neptune) - God of the Sea and brother of Zeus. He wielded a mighty trident and was second in power only to Zeus. He was often called "Earth Shaker", and he could control the weather in the sea.
  • Hades (Pluto) - God of the Underworld and the dead. He was Zeus's brother along with Poseidon, but he rarely came out of the underworld.
  • Hestia (Vesta) - One of Zeus's sisters, and Goddess of the Hearth. She had no distinct characteristics.
  • Hera (Juno) - the jealous wife of Zeus who constantly punished Zeus for his love affairs.
  • Ares (Mars) - the God of War who was portrayed varyingly as a great war god or a terrifying, bloodthirsty god.
  • Athena (Minerva) - Daughter of Zeus alone. She was armor-clad and often fought valiantly. She carried Zeus's shield, aegis.
  • Apollo - the god of many things. He was known for his lyrical prowess, his expertise with the bow and arrow, and his power of healing.
  • Aphrodite (Venus) - the Goddess of Love who could instantly infatuate other gods, even Zeus himself.
  • Hermes (Mercury) - the messenger god, who wore winged sandals and was favored by Zeus as his messenger.
  • Artemis (Diana) - Lady of Wild Things, who was a great huntress.
  • Hephaestus (Vulcan) - God of Fire. He was a workman and smith who created the gods' armors.