Mt Olympus

An artist's rendition of the great Mt. Olympus.

Mount Olympus is the home of the 12 Olympians and the Greek pantheon of gods. It is the highest Greek mountain in Thessaly.


Descriptions of Olympus are generally inconsistent; although at one point it is clear that it is a mountain, other accounts describe it otherwise. For example, Zeus mentioned he could hang earth and sea the pinnacle of Olympus, implying it wasn't a mountain after all. However, it can generally be agreed that its entrance was a mighty gate of clouds.

The gods resided in dwellings where they feasted on ambrosia and nectar, the highest luxury foods available at the time fit for the gods. It was a perfect home of peace and tranquility, but it wasn't heaven; Zeus ruled the heavens. Mt. Olympus is said to have perfect weather, with no dangerous winds or weather to disturb the eternal peace.