Dionysus was the God of Wine. He was born after his mother Semele had died, but Zeus snatched him from her before being born.

Dionysus grew up becoming a teacher of the arts of wine and vine. He was very handsome, and a group of sailors captured him because of his beauty and tied him up. Only the helmsman of the ship, Acetes, recognized him as a god, and he pleaded the others to set him free. He was mocked.

Soon, Dionysus transformed into a ferocious lion, and all the men were sent overboard, where they were then turned into dolphins. He spared Acetes, for he alone was the only one who recognized Dionysus as he really was.

Dionysus ends up later at Crete, where he meets Ariadne, the maiden who Theseus left behind, and they marry.

Eventually, Dionysus decides to meet his mother. He finds her in the Underworld and resurrects her from the dead and brings her to Mt. Olympus. There, the gods see her fit to dwell with the rest of the gods.