In Greek mythology, Deiphobus was the prince of Troy and a son of Priam and Hecuba, king and queen of Troy. He was the brother of Paris and Hector.

In the Trojan War, as Achilles chased Hector around the city walls, Athena intervened by taking the shape of Deiphobus and persuading him to fight. Hector believed him to be his brother, and he threw a spear at Achilles, which missed. When Hector turned to Deiphobus again, he vanished. It was then Hector knew the gods had deceived and forsaken him, and he met his fate at the hand of Achilles.

After the death of Paris, Deiphobus married Helen. During the siege of Troy, Deiphobus was murdered by either Odysseus or Menelaus, and his body was mutilated.