Apollo is the son of Zeus and the God of Light. He is known for his prowess in Greek lyrical poetry and is often found playing his golden lyre. In addition, Apollo is known for being a master of archery and for being associated with the Delphic oracle, being the Lord of Delphi. At Delphi, Apollo was the link between gods and man, and he kept the peace between the two parties. Apollo is perhaps the most versatile god in Greek mythology.

Apollo's tree is the laurel and his animals are the dolphin and crow.

Trojan WarEdit

In the legendary Trojan War, Apollo casts a plague upon the Greek army after Chryses begs him to after Agamemnon takes Chryseis. He is appeased after Agamemnon exchanges Chryseis with Briseis, Achilles's daughter. Apollo took on Hector's side. Later, Apollo guided Paris's arrow into Achilles's heel, killing him in his one weak spot.

Love LifeEdit

Apollo's first love was Daphne, a huntress who opposed love and marriage. Apollo spotted her hunting, and he engaged in pursuit of her. Although Daphne was nimble, Apollo caught up with her, persuading her to know about him first of all. Just at the moment Apollo was onto her, she called out to her father in despair, and suddenly she transformed into a laurel tree. Apollo became dismayed, but from then on he appointed the laurel as his own tree.

Coronis was another maiden Apollo fell in love with, but she preferred mortals. In anger, Apollo killed her, but he later regretted the decision and rescued her half-born baby, Aesculapius.